Our Story

Ben - Lead Guitar / Vocals

Having grown up in a musical family, there was always a guitar near by. Ben began playing guitar at the age of 14 and, influenced by his Dad's love of blues, helped form the blues/rock band Bonedaddy at the age of 18. The group covered such blues staples as; Stevie Ray Vaughan, Eric Clapton, Robert Johnson and the 3 kings, BB, Albert and Freddie. For years, Bonedaddy  performed in and around Calgary and got the opportunity to share the stage with many great artists. They performed on television programs; The Big Breakfast and the Breakfast Show, played several festivals in Alberta, as well as several fundraising and charitable events for causes ranging from drug awareness to raising funds for food for shelters. Throughout the years, Ben continued to write original material, then formed Bg & the Inferno. As well as fronting the Inferno, he continued to perform live with several bands; from cover bands to original Americana acts. His session work includes studio albums with Craig Moreau; Every now and Then (produced by Tim Williams), The Daredevil Kid (recorded at the Congress House Studio in Austin, Texas - produced by Mark Hallman), A Different Kind of Train (recorded at the Rebeltone Ranch and Congress House Studios - produced by Leeroy Stagger and Mark Hallman). Ben 's discography includes; Walking a Fine Line (2010 - produced by Kirill Telichev), Burn it Down EP (2016 - produced by Kirill Telichev), Heya Hey EP (upcoming - produced by Kirill Telichev). 

Jaret – Rhythm Guitar

Jaret has been a long-time lover of music from a very early age having been exposed to a lot of music from his parents. Having access to an old Stella acoustic guitar he would often be trying to play along to his favorite songs. Once he was able acquire an electric guitar for his 12th birthday, his obsession with guitar really took hold. At this point his main interest was hard rock and metal and with the good fortune of finding other musicians in high school, who shared the same musical tastes, he was able to start playing guitar in a band. This started as basement jamming which eventually led to bar and university gigs in southern Alberta. Around this time, Jaret met Ben through mutual friends and began playing bass with him in another band. Over the years, this band had some rotating members which put Jaret back on rhythm guitar and they spent many years playing blues and blues-rock in the bars in the Calgary area as well as private functions. Relocating from Calgary to Saksatoon for several years meant taking a break from performing for awhile but that didn’t keep Jaret from playing and broadening his musical tastes. After being back in Calgary for some time, Ben contacted Jaret in early 2015 with an offer to fill the role of rhythm guitarist in BG and the Inferno and he jumped at the opportunity to play alongside Ben again.    

Scott – Bass Guitar / Vocals
Scott first realized his love for the bass at the age of 12, after hearing a local high school jazz band performance that included a tasty bass showpiece. Although he wasn’t able to get his first bass until he was 14, he spent the next 2 years obsessively listening to bassists from some of the greatest 70’s and 80’s hard rock and metal bands – the most influential being Iron Maiden, which became a minor obsession for years to come. At 14, armed with a cheap bass, Scott joined the high school concert and jazz bands to hone his skills playing and listening to other musicians. At 15 he got his first acoustic guitar in order to fulfill his need for a little additional melody. Soon after he was playing bass in alternative (leaning towards the sound of the early RHCP) bands until he was old enough to hit the bar circuit in Victoria, BC for many years with a bona fide rock cover band. Moving on to Calgary in 1999 Scott took a hiatus from the music scene until mid 2000 when he changed directions and struck up an acoustic duo (this time on acoustic guitar), culminating in the production of 2 CDs. Eventually, with his love for the low end pulling strongly, Scott contacted Ben after seeing an ad searching for a bassist. Since early 2011, Scott has been providing the low end that fills out the awesome sounds of BG and the Inferno. 

Shigeki (Kegger) – Drums
This Japanese native, Shigeki Tsutsui, supplies the incredible groove and feel for the local live music scene since early 2000. His style is strongly influenced by many Jazz/Fusion drummers, such as Steve Gadd, Peter Erskine, Dave Weckl, and importantly, Akira Jimbo who is the most well-known and respected Japanese drummer in the world. His drumming skills cover wide-variety styles of music, like Jazz, Fusion, Funk, Rock and Heavy Metal. Shigeki and Ben first met in Calgary’s one of most popular rock, top 40 cover bands, the Officials in 2011 and found a kindred spirit in Ben. Shigeki joined BG and the inferno in 2013 and formed the super solid rhythm section in the Inferno with Scott. He also contributes for song writing by providing the rhythmic ideas and energy.

Quotes and Press;

"Bg & the Inferno, this is a dynamic band that brings Live to Alive! Music that can be dance to or just sat back and enjoyed. Great mix, good guys to work with and a great add to any live music venue!" Strathmore Hotel

"I have been a fan of Ben's since he was 12 years old and played Tennessee Flat Top Box, note for note, on my guitar, after hearing it on TV. Ben has one of the most accurate ears for music I have ever come across and a groove I have only witnessed in the top players of my generation. Whether he's playing a solid Jimi or Stevie riff or one of his brilliantly written and beautifully sung originals, Ben has the ability to make you feel as well as hear what he is playing. He has since gone on to play and sing on both of my albums and is a permanent partner in my recording and touring band" Craig Moreau